The production of Barrisol stretch ceilings is made by individual size. The shape of the room together with all the features where the stretch ceiling will be mounted are important for compiling the necessary: ​​sheets, profiles and accessories. The stretching of the Barrisol sheets is performed on pre-assembled structure built of aluminum and PVC profiles. By the Barrisol mounting systems you can achieve not only classic style but also many other shapes (slopes, arches, ovals, waves, 3D, etc.). One of the main advantages of the stretch ceiling is that the material is pretty light (from 180 to 360 g/m2) and it does not load the construction of the buildings (compared to other types of suspended ceilings which weigh is about 12 kg/m2). They are also resistant to moisture and water, suitable for areas as bathrooms, pools, etc.., they have excellent sound absorption, do not hold dust and odors. Barrisol stretch ceiling can be mounted at a minimum distance (18 mm.) from the existing ceiling. The technology leaves a 5 mm. gap, which allows partial or complete removal if it is necessary.


Form technological point of view it is possible the incorporation of additional equipment and accessories, electric wiring and lighting, placement of grilles and security systems.



Barrisol offers the richest palette with colors and models of the sheets:

lacquer - strong mirror effect which gives a sense of space and capacity with a choice
   between 54 colors;
satin - elegant style;
mat - tradition and classic;
suede - warmth and comfort;
print - opportunity to create individual design by printing paintings, photos, logos,
   etc... on the sheets; 
special effects - cork, metals, textiles, etc.;.
creadesign - thanks to the system of flocking, this finish brings a visio-tactile perception
   to the sheet (in Zen style, zebra, leopard, flora, points, etc...);
recycled - turned toward the future, Barrisol is concerned with environment;
metallic - unconventional and sophisticated solution;
translucent - 11 sheets in different colors and surfaces;
perforated - size of 0.1 mm to 10 mm. in diameter;
perfodesign - a perforation with different decorative patterns;
trempo Vision - a system for outdoor installation (strengthening with elastic ropes);
trempo design - a system for outdoor installation (with PVC profiles).