Barrisol Lumiere Color

Barrisol Lumière Color uses a Barrisol translucent sheet enlightened by a higher source of light. It then becomes possible to play with the light intensity and different colors thanks to a system of light variation. Thanks to various colors and degrees of translucidity of the sheets, the lightings offer a light which can be diffuse, lively, colored or natural, according to the effect searched. Leds Lighting systems, which change of colors, are placed above the Barrisol Lumière Color®'s sheet.


13 colors and degrees of translucidity are possible within the line of Translucides® and Xtremes®. The Barrisol Lumière Color can also be acoustic, perforated and printed.As ceiling, wall, 3D lamp... Barrisol Lumière Color® will find its application in many spaces such as cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, shops, airports, showroom, stands, etc. Barrisol Lumière Color® will also be appreciated in clinics. Lighting systems used by Barrisol Lumière Color® allow bringing rhythm and colors to change atmospheres. These movements find their application in chromotherapy and luminotherapy.

 Preparing a modular wall


Finished modular wall with Lumiere Color


PDF file (download)