Barrisol Lumiere Classic

The system Barrisol Lumière (light) brings a bright ceiling to you for enlightens whole or a part of your rooms. Thanks to its unique texture, the ceiling Barrisol Lumière allows the uniform diffusion of the light source placed behind. 

Lighting systems are installed in the upper part of the ceiling:

• Tubes
• Leds
• Fibre optics

Thanks to the various colors and degrees of translucidity of the sheet, the light can be diffuse, lives, colored or natural. Barrisol Lumière can take the form of a luminous way, a ceiling or a wall but also a flat form included in the ceiling or a 3D form. It is also possible to project images, photographs or plays of light on the Barrisol Lumière sheet to create specific atmosphere.


13 colors and degrees of translucidity are possible within the line of Translucides® and Xtremes®. The Barrisol Lumière can also be acoustic, perforated and printed. On the same technique as the lighting ceilings, Barrisol can be declined in walls. Made with aluminum structure, lighting systems and Barrisol sheets, the luminous Barrisol’s walls participate to decorate spaces. Lighting systems (Leds, Fluos) are placed behind the Barrisol translucent sheet which diffuses the light in a uniform way.


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