Barrisol Les Effets

Barrisol Les Effet Matieres is a brand new range of 8 exclusive PVC membranes offering original and decorative effects, for ceilings or walls. This range combines original visual effects with the technical and aesthetic qualities of Barrisol: 100% recyclable, CE certified, BS3-d0 fire rated. Associated with exclusive microperforated Barrisol Acoustic system, Barrisol Effets Matieres can also improve acoustic comfort in every Commercial, Public and Residential areas.


Barrisol Les Effets Matiere offers decorative effects with the qualities of the Barrisol system:

• Light

• Ease and simplicity

• Allows the unhooking of the system at anytime without restrition

• Waterproof, insesnsitive to moisture and condensation, effective vapour barrier

• Ease of maintainance

• Resistant to significant loads caused by the water damages

• Thermal insulation

Technical information:

• width 1.35m non stretch/1.45m stretched 

• BS3-d0 fire rated

• CE certified

• Available also in microperforated acoustic version - A10, A20, A30, A40

• Available also in perforated version: P10, P20, P50, P60, P70, P80

Colours and finishes: