Barrisol Layers Concept

Barrisol Layers Concept is a brand new way of utilising Barrisol membranes and systems. This offers original 3D visual effects for printed ceilings or wall. By strategically placing several barrisol printed sheets in conjunction with the exclusive Barrisol edge retension system we can offer a new depth and perception when using printed sheet. 


The use of the specific LED lighting system creates a new visual effect for environment - public, commercial or residential. Barrisol Layers concept enables you to create new and original surfaces which can be implimented as ceilings with surprising effects of depth and 3D being achieved whilst all of the qualities of the Barrisol system are maintained:

• Light

•Ease and simplicity

• Allows the unhooking of the system at anytime without restriction

•Waterproof, insensitive to moisture and condensation, effective vapour barrier

• Ease of maintainance 

• Resistant to significant loads caused by the water damages

• Thermal insulation