Barrisol Creadesign

Walls, ceilings, furniture, luminaries,… the Barrisol CreaDesign line will design all your interior. The quality patterns bring personality and heat to the environment of your house.


Technical Information:

• Usage - interior;
• Composition - 100% recyclable;
• Floquing composition - Daim;
• Fire B-S3, d0 - M1;
• Weight/ м² ≈ 300 g;
• Thickness from  0,17 mm to 0,36 mm depends on the type of flock;
• Size of the width 1,45 m.

Flocking is a process which consists to apply a partial brushed suede pattern on a translucent Barrisol sheet. The result is unique: this process presents a soft and hairy aspect, with a 3D effect. The 7 patterns are available among 44 colors of flocking and 8 finishes of  Barrisol sheets (choice among more than 100 colors). In addition to the standard suggested patterns, you can propose your own pattern for a personalization. Logo or abstracted form, multiply the possibilities!



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